We provide not just data, but intelligent data.


Intelligent data starts with understanding not just what the data is, but knowing the context of how it will be used tomorrow and a cavalcade of deep learning projects to come.    Content is only one dimension of intelligent data.   Reliability, integrity, re-usability and architecture are important as well.

"Data scientists not only are adept at working with data, but appreciate data itself is a first class product." - Hillary Mason

"Gathering, cleaning, integrating, restructuring, formatting, loading, filtering, deleting, combining, merging, verifying, extracting, shaping, massaging and scrubbing data is .. 90% of  Data Science." - Bille Howe



Find out about our data and our methods for ensuring you have the most accurate and reliable resources for your deep learning projects.

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Need data for your project but not sure how to get it?  If we don't have it, we know how to get it, format it, and import it into any data store you require.  We charge great rates because we've done it many times before.   

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